Handmade Luxury Wax Melt Bars

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Handmade Luxury Wax Melt Bars


Handmade Wax melt bars

  • Scented Wax Melt Snap Bar
  • Material Wax type: Soy wax
  • Set of 2

Pick your favourite from out best selling range of home made, long lasting fragrance snap bar. We make beautiful home made colourful scented snap bars perfect for use as an air freshener, odour eliminator or replacement for your latest candle. With new fragrances added to our collection often you will find a wide range to choose from

New colourful customized highly scented wickless homemade wax snap bars used for eliminating odor, lasts long with a wide range of fragrances.

My Wax Melts are made with Soy Wax which is vegan, Bekro candle wax colouring and biodegradable glitter. I use the scent at their strongest and therefore my wax melts are highly scented.

>New favourite customized homemade last longing scented wax snap melt bars with colourful wide ranged fragrance’s

>Best selling homemade customized scented wax snap meltable bars that lasts long fragrances with colourful wide range

Fragrances being added all the time.

Choose your color from our drop down menu or mentioned in remark column (Scent Descriptions Below)

Each bar is hand poured from soy wax meaning that the colour and pattern may vary from bar to bar. There may also be some light frosting which is naturally occurring in soy wax, but don’t worry! this doesn’t affect the scent throw in your bars at all!

Choose your product from the drop down menu.

All items are handmade and will differ in size, weight, form and colours.

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