Hematite – Pointer

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Hematite – Pointer


  • Hematite has the properties of grounding and protection. It is utilized to assist balance the root chakra
  • Hematite is a thinking stone stimulating attention and focus while also improving memory and original thought.
  • Protects. Calms. Heals. Finding peace and protection.
  • This stone has a lot to give. Are good source of strength. Healingess and calmness are it’s special power.
  • It is an excellent stone for meditation or chanting since it is a stone for the mind.
  • hematite aids in the treatment of blood diseases such as anemia. It promotes normal kidney function and tissue regeneration. This supplement aids iron absorption and red blood cell formation.
  • It has been linked to blood for millennia. If you have high blood pressure, clotting, or excessive perspiration, this is a stone you should have in your life
  • Weight- 120-170 gm

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What is Hematite ?

Hematite is a grounding stone that is mostly used for protection and stability. The word "hematite" is derived from a Greek word that means "blood." As a result, it is known as the "bloodstone" and has been employed as a talisman against excessive blood flow. Hematite is a kind of iron ore that is made up of iron oxide crystals. It is a trigonal crystal system member that may be found in rocks and soil. Hematite has a metallic sheen and comes in a variety of colors ranging from black to grey and silver, as well as reddish-brown variations.

Healing with Hematite 

It is also thought to improve relationships by bringing calmness, dissolves negativity and keeps you from absorbing other people's negativity. Hematite is a powerful stone that may help with shyness, self-esteem, and survival, as well as increasing willpower and dependability and instilling confidence.

It aids in the treatment of overeating, smoking, and other kinds of overindulgence, as well as compulsions and addictions.

The feeling you will receive when you have one of these stones around your house is really beneficial. Because it removes any negative energies from the area, it will be very useful when you are resting at home because it eliminates any negative energies around the body.

In your environment, place a Hematite crystal point. Lower vibrational energy can be kept at bay by putting it at your front entrance or in the four corners of a room. Hematite is an excellent tool for connecting individuals and relationships because it provides a strong earth connection .

Hematite has a reputation for promoting emotional well-being. It is said to remove negativity and protect you from absorbing the negativity of others


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