Hidden Message Candle – Personalised

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Hidden Message Candle – Personalised



  • Each Candle is customized and personal to you
  • Soy Wax Candle
  • All candles are made out of premium soy wax and are safe to burn.
  • The hidden message will appear after 10-20 minutes (depending on the diameter of the candle). Send us your text and choose the scent and the volume of the candle (enter your personalized hidden message no more than 15 characters LETTERS OR NUMBERS)
  • Price is for one candle.

These are personalised disappearing message candles! Please enter the message you’d like to hide into the candle ‘personalisation’ in remark column.

These are the newest of my offers for the Lovers and Twin Flames or Soul Mates , success , gift for your lover , Friends and family who wish to know what the person they are connected to feels.

♡The blend is of natural flower and essential oils and this will help to relieve anxiety and stress while wrapping you in love and calm peaceful vibes.

◇ Lean back into the Feminine & Masculine essence and energy of the reception necessary to allow Union to come.

◇Soy wax is white but you can see through when melts ♡ white is also a purifier and will assist in the divine blessings of your love situation.

◇The new spin I have decided to include with the candles that have sold and been a popular success already, I have decided to add hidden messages in the wax!

♡The candle will reveal a short and love-sent message from your counterpart. The message is near the top of the candle and should reveal after about an hour or so of burn time.

♡The initials can stay inside the wax and allow for the top to become an even pool of wet wax before blowing out and using a safe toothpick, tweezers, or other items to remove the message. So not to burn self

♡The message is yours to keep and hold on tight for all time.

▪︎The magic is not done either whatever intention you set with the candle before you ignite the flame will be on its way to you as well.

■ Simply allow yourself to see it and feel it and affirm it! I am already living in alignment with Union and love with my Divine Masculine or Feminine is a great affirmation and focus for you to think and affirm.

■ If you have a specific issue or concerns with the person then add those to the intention and affirm while you attract your results!

▪︎These candles are hand-made soy-based wax and intuitive insight had led to the creation of all my candles, but the Twin Flame specific was to attract communication and clear any fear or Block the person had.

◇I had poured the Candle on my first attempt at making the intention with my 2 essential oils added for assistance. The Emissaries of Light had given me several very popular and powerful Blends by then.

◇I trusted and also didn’t think too much about it. I went upstairs to rest after my batch of Diwali , Birthday, Valentines day, Xmas gifts and one Love Candle for me were done being poured and laid on my bed.

♡Thus was born the Twin Flame Union Candles too.

Give your friend or loved one good vibes or motivation with a secret message candle to light up their day.


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