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Opal – Angel


  • Opal is storms and rain and the tears of the sky. It is softer than quartz and has a play of perfect color. Opal is definitely poetry in motion.
  • This brings clarity, energy, and high vibrations which helps to call on the law of attraction.
  • Opal stone is full of high vibrational energy, amplification powers, and a perfect sense of balance.
  • Opal can also be a good luck charm, helping the wearer to attract amazing things into their aura.
  • Thanks to the infusion of color and light, it is an awesome gem for rousing lightness and spontaneity and also lends a hand when it comes to all kinds of creative projects too.
  • It’s a rare stone and this comes with its own kind of status and elements of luxury, opulence, and leading a unique life.
  • It can also be about the other luxuries of life. The luxury of knowing and trusting yourself. The luxury of fortune and luck. The luxury of seduction, love, and passion. Just like the dancing light of its surface suggests, Opal wants you to taste all the colors and more.
  • Can treat infections and reduce fever
  • A good elixir for the eyes and renewing skin cells
  • Brings balance and harmony
  • Known as a hope stone
  • Can clear all the chakras
  • Connected to higher communication
  • size – 3-4 inches

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What is Opal?

Opal is a gem formed from silica-rich waters. It takes its name from the Sanskrit word Upala which means precious stone. Later, it would be called Opallios during Roman times. There are two kinds of Opal – the common opal and the precious opal. Opal meaning is amplification, hope, and purity.

Opal is amorphous, meaning that it doesn’t have a crystalline structure but is instead classed as a mineraloid. It has high water content and is made from silicon dioxide and water. When water runs into the cracks and crevices of the earth, it collects silica sands along its journey. This forms silica spheres tightly packed together.

  • A stone of light, purity, and play
  • Opal mining dates back to 400BC
  • Has a high water content

Flashing in a thousand shimmering shades and with the dance of fire gleaming beneath its surface, the Opal stone is an enigma of light, purity, and mystical play. This gem is pure eye candy, with its spectral colors shining and its cool weight sitting in the palm of the hand.

Opal is a mineral of amplification. It’s absorbent and reflective meaning that it collects thoughts and feelings turns up the dial and sends them back to you. There are several different styles of Opal out there, each with its own color, charm, and patterns.

  • Black Opal/Boulder Opals – For the Root Chakra . This helps us to feel grounded, stable, and safe in the world.
  • Fire Opals – For the Sacral Chakra. This helps us boost our sense of sexuality, boosts our passion, and can help improve fertility issues.
  • Ethiopian Opal – For the Sacral Chakra. This helps to bring high vibrations, ancient wisdom, and sheer ecstasy and joy.
  • Mostly Yellow Opals – For the Solar Plexus Chakra. This helps us ground into our warrior spirit and also helps to treat any liver, stomach, and gallbladder issues too.
  • Mostly Green or Pink Opals – For the Heart Chakra. Open your heart, learn to love and trust with ease, and rid yourself of negative energies like jealously and resentment.
  • Mostly Blue Opals – For the Throat Chakra. Let’s your truth flow, eases and improves communication, and helps all kind of throat and thyroid issues too.
  • Mostly Violet Opals – For the Third Eye Chakra – Tap into your inner wisdom, strengthen your intuition, and find faith in your own guidance.
  • White Opals / Common Opal – For the crown chakra  – For spiritual wealth and higher consciousness. Also eases headaches and migraines.

Physical Healing -

The Opal Stone can also help the liver the function well and can cut down on the pains associated with PMS and childbirth. It’s a good elixir for bringing brightness to the eyes, for renewing skin cells for dewy youth, and for strengthening the condition of the nails and the hair. For those who struggle with water retention, Opal can also help to flush the system too.

Mental & Emotional Healing-

Opal invites you to let go of old wounds, old patterns, and old connections that aren’t serving you anymore. But it also invites you to take those lessons with you without being attached to the pain. Opal is known as a hope stone and a stone of pure positive change.

It won’t lead you down any paths that will set you back, but instead, it helps you to work through the emotional challenges so that you can balance your feelings and find your full potential waiting at the other side. This maturity is pure magic and heals relationships deeply without invalidating our own feelings.

There are so many different shades of Opal out there and you will find the kind that links to each and every chakra. Infused with light and shot with color, Opals respond well to many different chakras and thanks to all that high vibrational energy, they are also great at kicking out any blockages in the body. It’s a glorious mineral for carrying spiritual light to the aura and making sure that even when infused in a heavenly glow, that you stay protected and shielded on your journey through any shamanic path you are sure to take.

Having a heavy water connection also means that this mineral brings soft fluid energy to the table too. It’s vibrations connect beautifully with water and as we too are made up of high water content, it also means that we can use our water energy in sync with the stone.

How to Cleanse Opal Crystals

  • Cleanse with water or smudging
  • Charge by rubbing together in palms or by moonlight


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