Seven Chakra – Sphere

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Seven Chakra – Sphere


Stone Properties:

  • Amethyst (3rd Eye)—intuition, guidance, self-realization, self-mastery.
  • Carmelian (Sacral)—relationships, connection, creativity, guilt, addictions.
  • Citrine (Solar Plexus)—courage, honor, compassion, responsibility to others, action, will.
  • Blue Quartz (Crown)—soothing, protective, spirituality, enlightenment, energy, intelligence.
  • Green Adventurine (Heart)—love, safety, trust, grief, attachment.
  • Red Jasper (Root)—survival, physical health, grounding, stability, fear, anger.
  • Sodalite (Throat)—self-confidence, emotional balance, self-expression, awareness, clarity of direction.
  • Weight : 100- 200gm  approx

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Chakra is an ancient meditation practice and originates from an old Sanskrit word, translating to 'wheel'. Chakra represents the 7 chakras around your body, with 7 different centres of energy. Each chakra is connected to one area of the body and an emotional state. It is believed that by balancing these energies your emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing will benefit.

Each of the 7 chakras corresponds with a unique color and is responsible for a given physiological function and emotional response.

Seven chakra Crystal Healing Properties 

ROOT CHAKRA - The root chakra, located at the base of your spine, is linked to the energy of your legs and feet. Your root chakra is responsible for helping you feel grounded, connected to your body, and self-assured. When this chakra is blocked or under-active, you might find yourself feeling weak, anxious, or dissatisfied with yourself or your body.

SACARL CHAKRA- The sacral chakra is located right below your belly button. It’s associated with the pursuit of passion, pleasure, and creativity. With an overactive sacral chakra, you might feel agitated or be easily provoked to anger. Underactive sacral chakras tend to lead to a lack of inspiration or trouble making decisions

SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA- This chakra is located between the heart and the sacral chakra. It’s associated with willpower and the ego. With an underactive solar plexus chakra, you might view the world through a pessimistic lens and see yourself as a victim of your circumstances. You might struggle with self-esteem. With a balanced solar plexus chakra, you’ll see your own personal power.

HEART CHAKRA- The heart chakra is located in the center of your chest. It integrates the physical with the spiritual. An open heart chakra will give off feelings of graciousness, harmony, appreciation for beauty, and love – in all its forms. Blocked heart chakras tend to make people shy away from intimacy.

THROAT CHAKRA- The throat chakra is closely tied to communication. With an open throat chakra, you’ll be able to express your thoughts and feelings coherently and accurately. A blocked throat chakra will lead you to hold back due to self-doubt or fear of judgment.

THIRD EYE- Your third eye chakra is located between your eyebrows, above the bridge of your nose. An open third eye chakra is the base of your wisdom and consciousness, the point where the conscious and unconscious meet. A blocked third eye chakra can lead to fear of the unfamiliar and get in the way of self-reflection.

CHROWN CHAKRA- Your crown chakra is right at the top of your head. Just as the root chakra connects you to the earth beneath you, the crown chakra connects you to the universe as a whole. When it’s open, you’ll feel connected to your higher self and will have an easy time disconnecting from patterns that don’t serve your greater good. When it’s blocked, you’ll experience the opposite.

Chakra Crystal can impact your life in many different ways. Carrying stones with you to keep your chakras open maintain emotional balance. The beautiful gemstone colors will elevate your style and catch your eye throughout your day, reminding you to take care of your physical and emotional well-being.




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