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  • Lord Ganesha, the powerful God of Prosperity and Intelligence.
  • the God of Fortune and Prosperity.
  • Lord Ganesha appearing predominantly as a protector, guardian and deity of success. As lord of business.
  • Share your choice of crystal color for Shree Ganesha in remark column.
  • Weight- 250 gm approx.
  • Height- 4-5 inches approx.

Attributes of Ganesha murtis

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Purification of the Mind

Benefits Of Having Purified And Energized (Crystal) Lord Ganesh

1. Ganesha is the God of prosperity, good luck, and success.
2. It repels all kinds of negative energy from surroundings.
3. You get the right direction to follow for making progress.
4. All kinds of obstacles in your path to progress are removed.
5. You have peace and become prosperous.
6. Your way to progress in spirituality is cleared.
7. You attain knowledge and wisdom with the blessings of Lord Ganesh.

It works well for getting relief from stress and makes you calmer.

What most people miss is that placing Ganesha’s idol in the right place makes difference. These vastu tips can help out with the placing.

Did you follow the placement of Ganesha Idol in the right direction? If not do so, everyone must remember that a Ganesha idol should place at your house entrance in pair always because it brings prosperity, wisdom, and bless you with the goodness of work. Ganesha idol facing towards left is known as Vastu Ganesha which solves most of our Vastu related problems. Each of us must understand our traditions and customs while placing Drishti Ganesha to ward off the devil outside a house.


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