Smoky Quartz – Pointer

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Smoky Quartz – Pointer


Healing Properties

Smoky Quartz helps to transform any dense energy while creating a grounding effect to the system making you feel overall calmness and at peace.

  • Calmness
  • Positive Thoughts
  • Calms Fear
  • Calms Depression
  • Stability
  • weight- 35-45gm

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What Is Smoky Quartz?

Smoky quartz is a type of crystalline quartz that comes in a variety of colors. They can range from a light yellow-brown to a dark brown that can even be mistaken for black gemstones due to their intensity.

This beautiful variety of mineral quartz gets its color from its proximity to natural sources of radiation such as radioactive minerals.  The coloration can also be artificially produced through the process of irradiation .

Benefits And Healing Properties Of Smoky Quartz

As mentioned above, smoky quartz is an incredible stone for grounding. In addition to the many healing properties of the quartz family, smoky quartz is known to dispel negative energy, detoxify the body and energy field from lower vibrations, protect the body from radiation and heal digestion issues.

It can assist us in relieving the symptoms of depression, anxiety and bringing a sense of calm and serenity into our beings. It can also help with improving communication, manifesting dreams into reality and bringing about improved intuition. It is no wonder this crystal is an all-time favourite of most crystal lovers, its benefits and healing properties stretch far and wide.

What Chakra Is Smoky Quartz Good For?

Smoky quartz is believed to support the root chakra.

The root chakra is located at the base of the spine and is responsible for how grounded, stable, safe and balanced we feel. It behaves like an energetic chord, tethering you to the Earth and the heavens simultaneously. The smoky quartz crystal can be used to activate, clear and balance this chakra.


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