Agate Eyes – Pendent

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Agate Eyes – Pendent


  • This stone is quite rare. Real evil eye protection 👁️👁️‍🗨️

  • This stone can treat problems with the reproductive system.
  • It help you overcome your obstacles, achieve good luck in your financial pursuits.
  • Agate Eyes will also help you when you’re having trouble speaking your mind.
  • It will ease the tensions that you feel whenever you face a crowd, speak to a stranger, or present in front of very important people.
  • This stone will support you in manifesting your goals and seeing your plans through. It will also give you steady support.
  • It will cleanse your auric field with light energies and bring a sense of balance to all your chakras.
  • This stone has a smooth energy that will wash over you, mute the tensions, and promote harmony.
  • It can help in the healing of the eyes, the uterus, and the stomach. It can cleanse the pancreas and the lymphatic system.
  • weight- 9-12gm

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What is Agate Eyes ?

Agate Eyes are most often found in Agate nodules, which are usually created when silica precipitates in the rock cavity. These cavities can be in the form of lava flows, fractures in the rock layers, or fossils that have dissolved over time. When the first silica layers have been deposited in the cavity walls, round droplets of silica gel begin forming in the walls. They crystallize and additional layers form, creating a concentric eye pattern. This origin that can be found in the walls of the cavity explains why Agate Eyes are found in the outer Agate nodule ‘husk’.

How Will Agate Eyes Help You?

Agate Eyes vibrate on a lower and gentler frequency. This type of Agate provides different healing properties that are slow, strong, and steady.

It radiates a soft strength that will ground your spirit with a sense of security and stability. Its energies connect with the natural energies of the earth.

The energies of this stone will usher in waves of poise and confidence that are constant and never overwhelming.

This stone will gently ease your mind and spirit when you’re feeling overwhelmed.

It will relieve the overactivity in your heart and mind so that you will experience calm and serenity.

Agate Eyes will also bring you fortitude so that you will endure your struggles and emerge victorious.

When placed on the sacral chakra or taken as an elixir, Agate Eyes can stimulate the digestive process. It can also relieve gastritis.

Agate Eyes can also strengthen the blood vessels and assist in the healing of skin disorders.

Agate Eyes can be good for stimulating the body’s regenerative properties.

It’s an excellent stone for improving heart health and the functions of the circulatory system.

It help you overcome your obstacles, achieve good luck in your financial pursuits, and stabilize your thoughts and emotions while doing so.

If you are struggling with quitting bad habits and you want to start new and healthy ones, having Agate Eyes with you will give you the strength of mind to follow through.

It will inspire you to foster love and have the courage to start over. It is very beneficial for any kind of emotional trauma, and it will help you dissolve any kind of internal tension.

How to Use Agate Eyes for the Best Results

When you wear this stone on a regular basis ,you will be opening yourself to receive unexpected blessings and favors!

It will give you an energy boost when you’re feeling tired, uninspired, or lethargic. It will protect you from stress, exhaustion, and energy drains as well.

Having this stone in your possession will attract strength, protection, and inspiration.

Carry Agate Eyes with you when you need to make an important decision.

You can also put it in your pocket so that anytime you feel upset or sad, you can simply hold this stone in your hands until you feel okay again.

You can also keep Agate Eyes in a small bowl on your desk in the office or in the spot where you often hang out at home.

Place your Agate Eyes in the area of your home that needs healing energies or free expression!


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