Lapis Lazuli – Pendent ( Focus & Wisdom )

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Lapis Lazuli – Pendent ( Focus & Wisdom )



  • Stone: Lapis Lazuli
  • Origin of stone: Afghanistan
  • Metal: Brass with sliver coated
  • Energized , Activated & Ready to wear for Best Results.
  • Each item is handpicked & packaged with a cute GIFT
  • Each Natural Gem is unique & will have Slight variations from the product pictures “no two Natural Stones are alike”

The natural properties and process of crystal formation define the unique beauty of each piece. The image is symbolic, as it is a unique product and natural stones can differ from each other in shape and color shade. All crystal products are handmade and may differ from the image in terms of size, weight and color.

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  • Provides a gateway to deep inner knowledge and access to higher truths
  • If you are a psychic, visionary, artist, or seeker, Lapis can deepen your access to information and inspiration from other realms
  • Helps you sink into your own inner awareness and find your deepest truth
  • Supports the Third-Eye Chakra, helping you see into your own mind and discern who you really are – your basic motivations, creative drives, and beliefs
  • Also helpful for exploring past lives and discerning karmic attachments
  • Supports your intuition and psychic abilities and tends to enhance visual information the most, so it is ideal for clairvoyants
  • Helps you access the Akashic records and other forms of psychic knowledge and would also be a great stone for visionary artists who work from Divine inspiration


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