Black Onyx – Sphere

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Black Onyx – Sphere


  • Onyx can be a great gem for recovery
  • It can help you realise the true extent of your potential, particularly when your energy is at its lowest and you might be lacking focus.
  • Onyx is a stone of decisiveness and strength
  • For those who are quick to bursts of anger, who feel the rise and fall of frustration vividly, and who often find themselves a jangly nervous mess, Black Onyx is here to soothe.
  • It can be particularly useful for those moving through the patterns of grief as it assists in helping you mourn, grieve, accept, and release without losing yourself in the process.
  • Weight- 130-140 gm

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What Is Black Onyx?

Onyx is a variety of chalcedony. It is a parallel banded silicate mineral and tends to be black with white banding in its most common form. However, varieties of Onyx can also be green, pink, brown, red and green and even clear with white banding. It is mostly made of calcite and has a waxy luster. The meaning of Onyx is protection and fortune.

Often used as an amulet against negative energy, Black Onyx is a master of good fortune. All black stones have solid healing properties particularly when it comes to protection and shielding you against anything that could bring harm. Onyx is ripe with powerful vibrations and can bring shades of strength and willpower to the wearer. Not only will Black Onyx throw up a forcefield shield around you, but it also activates certain chakras in the body to bring solid standing, creative focus, and illuminate new pathways to wisdom. Black Onyx grounds you beautifully in body, mind, and soul.

Black Onyx can also help you stay protected during crown chakra opening and any kind of psychic work or past life exploration that can leave you open and potentially vulnerable.

Benefits And Healing Properties Of Black Onyx

  • Swelling in the lower half of the body
  • Complications and issues associated with menstruation
  • Fatigue, sluggishness, an inability to focus
  • Issues related to the bladder
  • Gastrointestinal issues
  • Pain, cramping and a sense of tightness in the lower back, feet, and ankles.


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