Eudialyte – Sphere (Rare)

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Eudialyte – Sphere (Rare)


  • Eudialyte is a very rare and powerful stone that will strengthen your life and your love force.
  • The energies of this stone will reassure you that you have what it takes to make your dreams happen.
  • Eudialyte will inspire self-confidence.
  • Eudialyte is also known to help in purifying the blood.
  • The healing properties of Eudialyte can help in the treatment of heart disease.
  • Truly Eudialyte is a stone that will help you find your heart’s true happiness
  • Eudialyte contains wood energy that’s known to bring prosperity in your home, office, or place of business.
  • Keep it in the south area to attract energies of luck, abundance, and prosperity!
  • Eudialyte is a very calming stone, and it will help you to not stress out when your plans for making money don’t pan out so well.
  • The energies of this stone will help get rid of negative energies like sorrow, depression, animosity, guilt, resentment, jealousy, and anger
  • It’s hard to feel sad, scared, nervous, or anxious when you’re working with Eudialyte.
  • It will help you make the decision to quit your job that saps your energy and does nothing to nourish your soul.
  • Eudialyte will clear your heart and mind. It will help you focus on creating your future and grounding that into your reality.
  • Eudialyte should be your go-to stone if you want to achieve emotional healing or discover your life path!
  • Weight – 250-270gm

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What is Eudialyte

Eudialyte is from the cyclosilicate mineral family and is considered a minor ore of zirconium. It’s a complex silicate that contains zirconium, yttrium, manganese, iron, calcium, cerium, and sodium. Eudialyte can be found in Canada and Russia. There are also Eudialyte deposits which can be found in Madagascar, Greenland, Norway, and the USA. Eudialyte is a rare cyclosilicate mineral. eudialyte crystals are popular specimens for mineral collections, faceted gemstones would make very rare, very prized additions. 

Eudialyte is a lively, uplifting and energising heart stone. It opens the Heart Chakra, allowing us to receive and communicate love. It occurs with black tourmaline, which not only helps us to feel protected and to keep our feet on the ground, but the two stones work in tandem to stimulate the libido and encourage us to be less inhibited.

It banishes depression, while it encourages physical energy and motivation – we almost believe we can fly. Eudialyte helps us connect with our sexuality and improves libido, when worn or held with this intention. There is generally an inclusion of agrellite in its matrix, which brings further cleansing, and alignment throughout the chakra system.

Spiritually, eudialyte reminds us to love humanity and be compassionate to others, no matter how challenging we may find them, and strengthens our love of whatever we hold sacred or divine. Physically, it fortifies the skeletal system and aids bone healing. It can be helpful in the treatment of diseases of the heart (organ), but use with care, as it can be very stimulating and may increase heart rate.

Why Would You Use Eudialyte?

Eudialyte will give you more physical energy to help you achieve all your goals. It will act like a battery that adds energy to you when you’re not at your peak or at the top of your game.

Eudialyte is also a powerful protection stone that will keep the negative energies away. It will help you let go of pessimistic feelings as well.

When it comes to this stone, there will be no room in your life for pessimistic people, and you will steer clear of them when they threaten to come inside your circle.

Eudialyte is a strong grounding stone that will keep you balanced and aligned to your goals.  It will fine tune the energies in your life and help you manifest your desires!

It will remind you of all the skills and talents that you possess and the many things that you can do with them.

Eudialyte will also impart personal power. It will make you more confident about your abilities, and it will inspire you to create a positive change in your personal circumstances.

This stone will increase your physical vitality. It will help you with the physical demands of making your dreams come true.

t will make you realize that there’s nothing to worry about because you have a good head on your shoulders and you have a heart that’s kind and true!

It’s also a very helpful stone in relieving stress!

When it comes to the workplace setting, the energies of Eudialyte will make you easier to work with. It will help you create an environment where you will be respected, admired, and supported.

It’s a stone that will also promote self-love. When you love yourself in a healthy way, you will feel more balanced, and you will find it easier to accept everything about yourself.

The energies of this stone will enhance your love and concern for humanity. This stone will also develop your clairaudience and telepathic abilities.

Eudialyte will keep that childlike wonder and delight very strong in you.

It will also unblock the blockages that are preventing you from being creative and original. This stone will let your innate gifts shine forth so that the whole world will know!

This stone can also fortify the bones and the skeletal system, and it can hasten bone healing after suffering from injury or undergoing surgery.

It can help in the healing of bone-related conditions,  such as arthritis, rheumatoid, even bone cancer, or cracking of bones.

It’s also helpful in treating the thyroid and problems in the pancreas or the eyes.

Eudialyte and Wealth

It’s an excellent stone to attract good luck and prosperity.

It will help boost your creativity so that you can come up with unique ways to increase your income, investments, or savings.

Eudialyte is an energetic stone that will inspire you to achieve more when it comes to your finances.

It will show you how you can turn your dreams into reality by making use of your innate talents and abilities.

It’s a powerful and useful stone that will bring you success when you start a new effort. It will also help you find new opportunities and reach new goal.

Eudialyte, Love and Relationships

Eudialyte is an uplifting and energizing heart stone. When you work with the energies of this stone, you are allowing yourself to accept and communicate love!

This chemically complex stone is all about the heart. It will clear and activate the heart chakra so that you will experience a profound sense of exhilaration, satisfaction, and joy.

Eudialyte will enhance synchronicities and delightful coincidences in your romantic life. You will feel like you’re a part of a romantic movie because of all the sweet things that will happen in your love life.

This stone will turn your dreams and daydreams into reality. You will enjoy a surge of romance and happiness, and you will feel like a queen being pampered by her king every single day!

Eudialyte will stimulate your libido and invite you to become less inhibited. It will encourage you to take more risks in love.

It may be terrifying just thinking about it, but it’s often the scary stuff that yields the best kind of rewards!

Eudialyte will remove any negative feelings in your heart. It will also get rid of any negative attitudes that can affect your relationship.

If you’re easily hurt or offended, the energies of this stone will also help you become less sensitive, especially when it comes to small and unimportant matters.

This will benefit your relationship a great deal because you will avoid feeling hurt by your partner when it’s the last thing that they want to do.

Eudialyte will increase your feelings of self-worth, and it will encourage you to be proud of yourself more. It will remind you to give importance to yourself as a person, lover, and partner.

This stone’s healing energies will also help with your emotional healing. It will show you how to replace feelings of despair with feelings of happiness, satisfaction, and completeness.

It will remind you that the pain and unhappiness will not last, and that you will be feeling happy and whole again in no time.

Eudialyte will help you release feelings that prevent you from having a happy and peaceful relationship. This stone will help you recognize the emotions that are doing more harm than good.

It will encourage you to focus on the good feelings instead of the bad, and to be willing to go the distance if you wish to have a happier and more satisfying love life.

Eudialyte is a very encouraging stone that will show you which direction to take your love life. It will give you a sign if you’re headed in the right direction!

If you wish to part ways and want a relationship to end, Eudialyte will help you let go and end it in a peaceful and respectful manner.

The vibrations of this stone will also show you how you can learn from your mistakes and how they can help you become a better person and a better partner.

Eudialyte will also show you how you can be at peace with yourself even when things don’t turn out like you’ve planned.

What Chakra is Eudialyte?

It will clear stagnant and old energies from the heart chakra, as well as the root and sacral chakra. Eudialyte will promote emotional healing from abuse or childhood trauma.

This stone also will also stimulate your mental capabilities and intuitive gifts, allowing you to have new realizations and ideas. It will give you the fire that will inspire you to keep going.

Eudialyte is brilliant when it comes to clearing the past and helping you focus on the future. Its energies are very motivational and encouraging but in a kind and persistent way.



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