GIFT with Gayatri Mantra- MADE TO LOVE , POWER & PEACE

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GIFT with Gayatri Mantra- MADE TO LOVE , POWER & PEACE


  • It encases your affection and speaks to your soulmate with its vivacious aura.
  • The ultimate symbol of eternity – a Forever love
  • Chanting the Gayatri mantra will enable you to have clarity, will guide you and you can successfully be on the path of wisdom.
  • Place this beautiful crystal gift in your room, on your desk, or in any nook and corner of your house. Feel the power of every crystal, and let the spiritual energy guide you through life.
  • Package Included – one crystal gift & one stand.
  • Care – use a dry cloth to clean.
  • Please keep in mind that being a natural piece – no two pieces will be alike/ there will be colour variations
  • There may be small bubbles or color variations which are characteristic of the handcrafting process and contribute to their beauty.

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Behold, a utopia where magic is true and life is eternal.

This showstopper piece transcends time. Look within it, you will be transported to an enchanting landscape that whispers of endless spring. Suspended in a moment of perfection, it emanates a mystic aura like no other, as if it holds the secret to everlasting life.


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