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Unique Mother’s Day gift – Everyone knows actions speak louder than words, so this Mother’s Day, show Mom or Mom to be how much you love her with the best-selling soy wax aura cleaner fresher and lucky angel. Which is a perfect combination for healing & positivity.

This Gift Box contains:

  • One Soy aromatic wax sachet with inscribed MOM
  • One Premium natural crystal Angle for GOOD LUCK & HEALTH
  • Mention in remark column which colour you want RED OR PURPLE MOM inscribed.
  • Angel will be pick up intuitively with any colour.

Perfect Gift for that special one in your life who deserves to be Pampered like a Queen!

What exactly is a wax sachet & how to Use? 

A wax sachet is a natural air freshener comprised of soy way, dried flowers, herbs and spices, and essential oils. Scented wax sachets, do not need to heat up. A completely natural method to fill your home with a pleasing aroma.

These unique scents are made from certain herbs, and their perfume can be used as a source of fragrance by placing them in a given space with crystal angel.

HOW TO USE – Set the wax-sachet in an open bowl with angel or on a desk, or hang on wall and you’re to go. let this work its magic.

A New World of Wax Sachets to enhance your health and living space!


•100% vegan soy wax

•Non-toxic, vegan, and chemical-free fragrance

•Packed in an elegant box, making it the perfect gift for all occasions.

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Imagine waking up to the sweet smell of fresh blooming rose, heavenly correct? Ditch the chemical room/air fresheners for our organic 100% soy wax sachets perfumed with non-toxic essence!

Ideal for bedrooms , desk or office space or side table or cupboards, storerooms, powder rooms, small bathrooms, Ideal for all spaces etc. Each sachet lasts 45-120 days depending on the size and ventilation of the space.

Each sachet comes with a lace,  making it easy to store with your clothes without the stress of any color bleed.


Aura Cleansing is an integral part of good spiritual hygiene to manifest good health and spiritually sensitive people of all experience levels for happiness like for your mom.

Healing benefits of ANGEL crystals predominantly surround areas of mental wellbeing; including feelings of increased tranquility, positivity and good luck, as well as enhanced immunity and natural pain relief.

Hand Poured aromatic wax sachets infused with the floral blend of jasmine and ylang ylang to keep your belongings always smelling fresh.

You know how to keep your home ever alluring and absolutely stunning! And wax aura cleaner  are an absolute part of that. Hang aura cleaner air freshner at the entrance of your house or in any room to keep its watchful gaze over you and to keep you safe from negativity. It will protect and bless you for the bliss that is your homely life, so you can keep that positive spirit alive! With perfect fragrance , mood uplifting vibes - soy wax aura protector is an ideal gift for the ones who like positive vibes around while they sleep and it will surely work its magic to cast the bad dreams away!

Add the perfect touch to your home with our Illuminating Soy wax aura purifier and lucky Angle Set. Relish the freshness of flowers, the serenity of the ocean, and the breezy vibes of a Bohemian Summer while adding a joyful glow to your indoor celebrations with our best-selling fragrances. Each tablet is hand-poured in a sleek  and is made with 100% plant-based soy wax for a safe and eco-friendly accent to your festivities.

Simply hang one of our sachets with real rose petals to your bathroom, room, or cupboard, and let this work its magic.

Each sachet is hand-poured and decorated with real dried rose petals. We add a  rope to make it easy to hang.

These zero-waste sachets can be melted into scented candles once the aroma subsides. Kindly avoid hanging in direct sunlight and in cars. Keep away from heat.


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