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Jade – Raw


  • jade stone is used to cure anxiety, tension, and other illnesses.
  • Bring financial stability and good luck in money
  • It’s very helpful if you’re suffering from panic or anxiety episodes since it keeps people calm and stable.
  • Jade is a powerful and hugely potent cleansing stone meaning it can go straight to work helping organs to heal from toxins.
  • Jade wants to soak you in self-love – raising self-esteem
  • For those ready to flush out negative energy and get into harmony with the wider world, you will adore those soft shimmering moods that Jade brings with it.
  • weight- 70-80gm

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What is Jade?

Jade is a silicate mineral often synonymous with East Asian art. It is part of the Jadeite class of mineral and is part of the monoclinic crystal system. Jade is most well known for its different shades of green . Jade's meaning is confidence, acceptance, and health. Jade Crystal stones have been utilized for many years, not only because of their attractive appearance and aesthetic beauty, but also because of the tremendous energy they contain.

Healing Properties

The vibrations of the jade stone are excellent for uplifting individuals and delivering them all of life's blessings. It was once thought to be a stone of good luck and pleasure. Jade is a generous stone that brings wealth and good fortune. Jade is commonly worn for good luck, but it may also aid in healing on many levels, including emotional, physical, and spiritual.

Feeling and Emotional Healing 

Jade is a strong stone that may be utilized in a variety of ways. When it comes to emotions, it offers you a sensation that makes you want to return to your old habits if you're feeling lost. It offers you strength and knowledge, allowing you to rise above life's negativity. Allowing the power of this stone to work in your life will give you a force that will stand out, especially if you are battling with self-confidence and need a boost. Its vibrations are relaxing and provide a wonderful healer for those with emotional difficulties. It also emits an aura that drives away negativity from the surroundings, which is beneficial since it will benefit not only you but also those around you. When it comes to love problems, this stone will be of assistance.


Because jade stone helps to boost self-esteem, it's critical to look after your mental health. These stones are an excellent addition to your daily life if you're having difficulties focusing owing to a lack of peace of mind. It will help you make every work simpler and how you respond to every difficulty you meet. Jade is a "dream stone," eliminating negative thoughts and irritation while relaxing the mind. When it comes to making decisions, Jade can help you clear your mind.


Jade is a cleaning stone that also improves our physical well-being. It is helpful for filtration and treating renal issues since it removes impurities and helps to balance fluids in our bodies. Many people think that this stone may aid in quick recovery and scar healing, and that it is beneficial to the healing process if you have sutures. It also helps to slow down the aging process and aids in bodily restoration. It is known to help the kidneys, the bladder, the spleen, and to balance out fluid systems in the body.

It has a regenerative effect, helping our bones to align properly and alleviating discomfort throughout the healing process. If you're having trouble with your bones or joints. Its calming vibrations may assist you in relieving discomfort. This stone may be used for a variety of therapeutic purposes, therefore it's worth investing in.


When you wear a jade stone, it will assist you to balance everything while also making you spiritual. It will allow you to improve your psychic talents and connect with your spirit guides. This stone is frequently used in dreams because it promotes lucidity. It will assist you in improving your spirituality by allowing you to dream.

Jade was mostly connected with life and death as a symbol. As a result, it was of great religious and spiritual significance.


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