Tree Agate – Pointer

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Tree Agate – Pointer


  • The overarching meaning of Tree Agate revolves around personal power and inner peace.
  • It brings peace and helps you overcome unique challenges you might face in your day-to-day life.
  • The properties of this stone make it a master protector. In many Indian cultures, it was a talisman that shielded the auric field from the darkness.
  • Having Tree Agate by your side can keep you safe from any emotional traumas that can throw you off.
  • If the stresses of life constantly bombard you, Tree Agate is a beautiful companion to have by your side.
  • Meditating with Tree Agate is the best way to find a little solace from the noise.
  • Its earth-based healing properties soothe the soul and help you obtain spiritual strength.
  • Tree Agate is all about clarity and awareness.
  • Tree Agate triggers both lower and upper chakras!

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Tree Agate

Agate is a type of chalcedony. It forms in concentric layers in a wide variety of colors and textures. Each individual agate forms by filling a cavity in host rock. Dendritic inclusions are usually fern, tree or branch like.  It is named dendritic or dendrites from dendron, which means "branch like" in Greek.  Dendrite inclusions are formed due to the presence of manganese and iron oxides.

Tree Agate is one of those stones that can be beneficial to almost everyone. It is said to be great for people recovering from injury or addiction. Tree Agate can bring you inner peace. It is said to enhance mental concentration and endurance and will help you finish projects!

Like the hanging branches of a massive willow tree, this stone protects you from bad vibes and produces a sense of calm that few crystals can replicate.

The properties of Tree Agate force you to look at your life free of arrogance and ego. It pushes you to live a genuinely unified life with harmony between your mind, body, and soul. Hubris only gets in the way, splitting up your being into separate parts that serve you in different ways.

The meaning of Tree Agate makes it the perfect companion on your journey to self-discovery. It can light the path and help you find a new way of thinking.

The entry point for healing energy from Mother Earth, it’s responsible for your feelings of stability.

Some say that opening up this chakra invites spiritual guidance and wisdom from beyond. It helps you tap into the collective consciousness and experience the joys of unity once and for all!

The best way to utilize Tree Agate is to meditate with it every day. Hold it in your hands or place it directly on the chakras that need a little influence.

Finally, you can use Tree Agate as decor throughout your home. Make it a part of your Feng Shui endeavors, or place it how you see fit. Some even like to put it under their pillow as they sleep to make those intentions come true. Either way, the energetic influence it has over your life and home is well worth the experimentation.


Tree Agate relies on natural power. Returning it to the earth can help recharge its energy and keep it primed to serve you.




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